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What Hapkido Can Offer The TaeKwonDo Practitioner

The study of Hapkido is a great way to expand your TaeKwonDo while learning another Korean Martial Art, hapkido has the nickname of "the art of a thousand kicks" and will offer the TaeKwonDo student the opportunity to expand their kicking techniques with kicks not found within their study of TaeKwonDo.

Some of the Additional and New areas of study that Hapkido can offer to a TaeKwonDo student include:

Additional Kicking Techniques not found within TaeKwonDo including Low Kicks. Spin Kicks, Jumping & Flying Kicks,

Additional Hand Techniques not found within TaeKwonDo.

Break falls and Throwing techniques (including leg sweeps).

Joint Locking Techniques.

Pressure Point Techniques

Breathing Techniques


Weapons Training.

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