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HThe Korean Hapkido Institute was introduced into Prince George, Canada in October 1968 by Master Chol Kim. Shortly after the first Hapkido school was opened Michael Forster became a student. Michael Forster trained diligently and in 1971 was awarded a 1st degree black belt by Master Kim.

It became necessary at this time for Master Kim to move away and, because of his conscientious hard work and dedication to Hapkido, Master Kim left the school to the guidance of Michael Forster.

The name of the school became the Northern Interior Hapkido Academy. This was later changed, after Michael became a student of Master Song. Jae Han, to the Korean Hapkido Institute
(copied from Master Forster's website to ensure accuracy of information).

The Korean Hapkido Institute, Leamington Spa (Sung Moo Kwan) was opened in 1980, by it’s President and Founder Master Instructor Mike Forster (then a 4th Degree Black Belt).

Master Forster came to England in 1980 to study for a degree in Acupuncture, in Leamington Spa, at the Traditional College of Chinese Acupuncture. In 1983 Master Forster returned to Canada. Before he left, Graham Davies graded to 1st Degree Black Belt and took over the Institute.

In 1984 Mr Davies moved to London. The Institute was taken over by brothers David and Paul Hastings, who to this day still continue to teach in the Leamington Spa & Warwick area.


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