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What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a method of self defence involving throwing, twisting (joint-locking), kicking, punching, blocking, nerve and pressure point attacks and weapons techniques. The adversaries power is utilised to your best advantage because of circular movement and deflection techniques involved. The theories of Hapkido are very involved, encompassing the principles of dynamics and relative force and speed.

The techniques are designed to have maximum disabling results in event of attack. Although free sparring is practised, there is no competitive fighting in Hapkido. The development and evolvement of the art has been strictly combative.

Who Can Practice Hapkido?

Anyone young or old can be involved in Hapkido. Great strength is not required in the application of the techniques since the attackers force is redirected to your advantage. When learned, these techniques can be applied immediately with little or no effort.

What is Taught in Hapkido?

The theory of Hapkido is deep and it’s techniques are many, over 14,000 and although a person could not remember each individual technique there are a smaller number of techniques forming a nucleus from which many variations are applied.

At The Korean Hapkido Academy over 500 techniques are taught up to black belt level (Sung Moo Kwan) including basic and combination kicks and punches, throws, joint locks, pressure points and knife defence. A verity of weapons techniques are taught after black belt including sword, long and short stick, cane and rope or towel.

Although breaking techniques are only required for higher levels of black belt, they are available if a student desires to learn.

The Meaning of Hapkido?


Literally translated Hapkido means the way of harmony and spirit, a joining of the mind and body as one unit. This fusion is hard to conceive and only through training and the proper application of breathing techniques can it be realised.

The Hapkido crest depicts an eagle catching an arrow in flight, signifying the importance of mind and body co-ordination.

The Korean Hapkido Academy offers it’s students the opportunity to learn a traditional Korean martial art that has it’s roots deeply embedded on the battle field. Because of this students learn combative techniques and as such do not enter into the modern sporting side of the martial arts (competition).

The techniques taught help to develop students in many different areas, traditionally developing the mind, body and spirit through the practical application of the art.

Students learn practical street proven techniques that may one day prove invaluable in providing them with a highly effective form of self protection.


Instruction is supplied by David Hastings who holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt, David has been studying Hapkido since 1982 when he started under Master Instructor Mike Forster who is now a 7th Degree black belt (Sung Moo Kwan).

David has studied in Canada and has worked in the USA as a Hapkido instructor for one of the various Hapkido associations that exist. David has taught all over the UK and has taught members of the Military, Police, Prison Service, Private Security Industry & members of the general public.


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